Sep 16, 2021Liked by Valentina Petrova

Thank you for doing all the footwork on this. When we (general public) as laymen make fun of others for trying last ditch efforts to heal ourselves we are only creating a greater divide. There are many drugs that treat and/or cure illness that seem ridiculous. When I was diagnosed with RA (a misdiagnosis) I was given plaquenil which was originally created to treat malaria and happens to be another drug that created controversy as a COVID cure. Only someone trained in medicine could possibly understand how a drug could be used for such different illnesses. Unfortunately the divide between left and right has brought out the worst of human behaviors…mud slinging and hair pulling like a bunch of kids in a schoolyard! Anything to make the “others” look stupid is blasted on mainstream and social media. Keeping myself grounded and level headed is hard. It makes me so angry to see such meanness! I agree that we all need to do more research and dial in some compassion before speaking and I really appreciate your thoughtful way of presenting this topic.

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