Hi Valentina,

We met in the Grow breakout room last week. I just got a chance to read your work, and wow! I started with this title as "Stories" are the basis of my writing.

You really helped coalesce the random tracks of my thought train on this topic. I express it this way: The survival skills I learned in my chaotic childhood helped me survive childhood. Those same skills suck in my adulthood.

One piece you might find interesting is this one about Vulnerability. https://riclexel.substack.com/p/vulnerability-cost-benefit-analysis-d6e

That survival skill is the most glaring omission in the toolbox I had a a child. It's taken me over 57 years to learn what it is, and on some days, I still forget all that learning!

Can't wait to read more of your writing,


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Thank you for reading and sharing. I am glad you commented. I will check out your newsletter too.

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Sep 4, 2021Liked by Valentina Petrova

I started out in adult life as a "victimized" soul, ready to lash out at any real or perceived slights. Gradually, the best among my friends and associates helped me over that Mt. Everest of isolation. Looking back on my childhood and adolescence now, I see only blessings in how I was raised and view my autism as a springboard to strength. In the autumn of my life, love and fortitude determine the course of day-to-day activities.

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