Feb 14, 2022Liked by Valentina Petrova

I will admit that I do not have a recent physical loss to grieve but was compelled to read your article to better understand how I might help others in their time of need.

Relating your personal experience drew me in and your reference to Kubler-Ross was a good reminder (Five stages of Grief) but you put the "wow" exclamation point on your writing by examining the 'what to do' about it afterwards.

You're a gifted writer. I really enjoy your work.

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Feb 9, 2022Liked by Valentina Petrova

Spot on, as usual, Val! I lost my wife of 29 years, nearly eleven years ago. I was bent, but not broken, during her nearly thirteen-year decline due to an autoimmune disease and for almost three years after her death. The moods, as you aptly describe them, have come and gone over the years. The reactions to her passing, and to my needs both during caretaking and afterwards, were wildly varied-from loving support to thinly-veiled contempt. I was supported in my travels, hikes and journaling, by most, and savaged by a few, for not staying put and diving back into work. Through it all, I have forged my own path, remaining a support for our son-and his wife and building a strong network of friends. I still feel Penny's presence, and encouragement to make my life better. People come and go, but soul energy stays with us.

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