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Here we go. I have concluded that my best course of action, in dealing with conundrums is to be discerning, based on the Golden Rule-which, as you know, pre-dates and incorporates The Ten Commandments. It is also the basis for everything Baha'i. In contributing to the welfare of Africa, and other places, I give to two global charities, with proven cachet, thus helping the most people. In helping the homeless in my own community of residence, I stand in the serving line, once a week, and purchase artisan bread to donate to the mass. In helping at-risk children, I work some as a substitute teacher and give, again, to three charities, one local and two hemispheric. On the other hand, I intend to visit places near and far, in the time I have left (which some friends have told me is at least 28 more years, if not longer). So, I keep a fair amount locked away. If someone wants to yell, "How selfish of you!", he or she may.

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Thank you, Gary for reading and commenting. Sounds like you are doing a lot more than I am able to! Also, thank you for your generous donation!!!

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It is my pleasure.

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