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We have a "loitering place" in Prescott: Wild Iris Coffee House. No leftover pizza warm-ups, but a cozy place with cushiony sofas, a gorgeous patio and lots of little tables-one of which I can sit at and write in my journal, and have one of the baristas tell me she admires my writing. There are several places like Wild Iris here, and some of them are day hangouts for the homeless. Fancy drinks are nice, and some places in Prescott sell them, but not all.

Fifty projects could be a song by Lady Gaga, but I get your drift-and have several irons in my fire, on any given day. Godspeed on your life efforts, Val!

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I love your thought of the "loitering place" (the name needs work, tho ; ). I've had a recurring idea of a similar gathering place for informal new meetings and safe hanging out venues, with or without fancy drinks (BYOFD) which essentially replaces the old town squares or community centers made obsolete by poorly-thought-through car-centric suburban planning.

The 'homeless' situation has sadly been around a long time and is symptomatic of many broken safety nets including a very broken and underfunded mental health system, overpriced housing, inadequate pay and so on, and a NIMBY approach to any interim solutions. A week-long study we (CBS) did in Phoenix in the late 1980s showed that roughly a third of the homeless were in need of psychiatric care or released prematurely from mental health programs, another third were ppl desperate to get out of the situation they were in and the final third were nomadic (formerly known as hoboes).

But I suppose this is fairly common knowledge?

Back to the Loitering Place conundrum: Maybe two or more minds with the same idea of community need to be working on this. I suggest those interested get together for a casual coffee morning until we can make this happen.

I'm in!

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