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I stopped setting resolutions when I realized that they were just (mostly) uninteresting affirmations. Your #1 resolution is something I am making my own right this minute. Why mess around with empty snacks, i'm saving up for the patisserie!

A really enjoyable and relevant list! I'm pushing myself to go to Art & About tonight for starters. Wanna go in on a lottery ticket?

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Hahaha. That lottery ticket! We can't win if we don't play!

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I don’t set revolutions, I just trust that it will always be a better year than the previous one. What I want is to stop cleaning so much… I am really a freak when it comes to housekeeping. btw… I am folding my clothes right the way and my closet, drawers, cabinets are Marie Kondo style. I read the books I get, my goal of 30 books for goodreads last year was close:27 books read. I am overall proud of myself. I am less skilled when it comes to promotions myself, getting more clients.. and something more private I can’t get it out right now🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you.

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