You are thoroughly deluded. Covid is not a disease. It is an agenda. Your communist birthplace has followed you in your attitude if not in your physical location. It seems you have only researched the narrative and not sought the truth. It's not about you!

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I am pretty much of the same mind. My vaccinations (2) were Moderna, and I am likely to get ONE booster, when it gets to Arizona. My siblings in Massachusetts, both conservative Republicans, have already received their Moderna boosters. If it works for them, then my moderate-progressive body can use it, too. As for more restrictive mask or quarantine mandates, I see no upside to them, in the long run. Finally, YES- Sunlight is the best disinfectant. I am in my element, when outdoors-hiking, walking city streets or just being with friends in parks.

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Regarding the 22aug2021 paper on Ivermectin.

Some things to consider.

- This is not a medical study, but a meta-analysis of other studies.

- They choose which studies to include in their analysis.

- They include the infamous Elgazzar study which was retracted due to

all the evidence that the study was fraudulent.

- Most of the other studies in the meta-analysis were not peer

reviewed and were low quality.

- the authors of the meta-analysis are members of the British

Ivermectin Recommendation Development group (BIRD), but did not

declare that in the study as they should have under normal standards

of medical ethics.

- One of the authors of the paper is Tess Lawrie, who is a leader of

BIRD and also runs the "Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd."

They're a private organization that contracts out to produce

papers"Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd." They're a private

organization that contracts out to produce papers that specialize in

"evidence synthesis" and meta-analyses, usually by lawyers looking for

a specific result to make a case.

- This particular meta-analysis was funded by a go-fund-me, a method

to anonymize cash flows.




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Well written, thoughtful and researched, typical of the work you do. I do adamantly disagree with a vaccine mandate, but agree to disagree. Well done V

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